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Rate Study Results

Salida Sanitary District proudly focuses on safely operating the wastewater treatment plant and maintenance of the collection system and lift stations for Stanislaus County’s largest unincorporated area.

As part of the District’s objective to continue operating responsibly, a sewer rate study has been conducted over the last year. Rate studies are typically performed every 5 years to ensure that rates are adequately funding sewer operations, maintenance and future capital needs. Rate studies include 3 areas: a revenue requirement analysis, a cost of service analysis and a rate design analysis.

The results of the study focus on three findings.

  1. RESERVES: Currently the District does not have a reserve fund sufficient for long-term financial viability should an unexpected fluctuation in revenue or expenditures arise. Therefore, a reserve fund is needed.
  2. DEBT REPAYMENT: In addition to regularly budgeted line items, the District needs to collect funds to repay a loan that is maturing in 2021 which includes an agreed upon debt coverage ratio. The loan was issued to fund capital improvements to the sewer system. This debt service and required coverage has been added to the funding requirement for current and future fiscal years.
  3. TOTAL FUNDING NEEDED: This includes operations and maintenance expenses, reserve funding and capital project funding. The projected total funding needed over the next 5 years ranges from $2.4 million to 2.7 million.

Based on the results of the study, the District is proposing to increase sewer service charges to fund the increasing cost of operations, to finance the maintenance and repair of aging infrastructure and to restore reserve funds that have been depleted during the recent economic recession. If adopted, the proposed rate change will become effective for fiscal year 2016-17 and will appear on annual property tax bills. The average increase for residential customers will be 4% a year. The table below shows that Salida Sanitary District’s overall rates are reasonable in comparison to rates of communities around us. If you’d like to read the detailed results of the rate study, click here.

Based on a Rate Survey from 2014-15, the District’s Updated Sewer Rates will be in the middle as compared to other agencies in Stanislaus County