Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors

March 9, 2023


The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Salida Sanitary District was called to order by President Gary Horton at 6:00 p.m. in the Salida Sanitary District Boardroom.  Other Directors present were Gary Dew, Brad Johnson, Lana Moore, and Donna Murphy. Others present were Attorney Stewart W. James and District Manager-Engineer Antonio Tovar.  Secretary Linda Walker was absent.


Members of the public were invited to address the Board, but no comments were made.


Director Johnson made a motion to accept the minutes from the previous meeting held February 9, 2023. Director Murphy seconded the motion.  The Board voted unanimously to approve the minutes as submitted.


Bills of the District totaling $120,182.32 were presented for payment.  A motion was made by Director Murphy, seconded by Director Dew, and on vote unanimously carried to adopt Resolution No. 1757, “Resolution Authorizing Payment of Bills.”


District Manager-Engineer Antonio Tovar reported that there was no correspondence.


Attorney Stewart W. James reported that he had nothing to present this evening.


Director Dew moved to accept the Proposal for Commercial Liability Insurance for the period of April 1, 2023 to April 1, 2024 from HUB International Limited (formerly CAPAX, Giddings, Corby, Hynes, Inc.).  Director Johnson seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


Remaining agenda items #7B. and #7C. were tabled until the Regular Board Meeting of April 13, 2023.


As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned.





Secretary Pro Tem







President of the Board