Salida Sanitary District
6200 Pirrone Road
The Effluent Pumps

"Effluent" is the terminology used to describe the water leaving a treatment process. "Final effluent" is used to describe water that has completed the treatment process and is ready for disposal. In this picture the "final effluent" is draining from the ICEAS tank. It will flow via gravity to the effluent pumps. The effluent pumps will discharge to the rapid infiltration basins.

This is the effluent pump station. Each pump is powered by a 50 horsepower electric motor. Two pumps are in place to transfer the final effluent to the rapid infiltration basins.

Another picture of the effluent pumps. It only takes one pump to keep up with the daily discharge. A second pump is necessary to take over the work if the other pump breaks down or requires routine maintenance. Wastewater treatment plants require backup equipment for many of their processes. Wastewater treatment must continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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