Salida Sanitary District
6200 Pirrone Road

The "headworks" is the point where wastewater leaves the collection system and enters the treatment plant. The untreated wastewater is called "influent". Before the influent is pumped into the treatment process it must be pretreated to remove any objects that can damage or obstruct the plant equipment. A set of grinders reduces large material to a size that can be moved through the influent pumps.

A stainless steel band screen is next in the pretreatment process. All the incoming water is forced through small holes in the band screen trapping fabrics, plastic, and other non-biodegradable materials. Non-degradable materials are often used in personal care products or household convenience items that are flushed into the sewer. These materials plug pumps and plumbing, and must be mechanically removed. Eventually the accumulated materials are trucked to landfills for disposal.

Another view of the structure containing the band screen. This structure also contains a flume for measuring the volume of incoming wastewater and grit removal equipment. The influent is also sampled periodically so laboratory tests can determine the pollution levels of the wastewater. The strength of the pollutants tells the operators how hard the plant must work to clean the water.

From the top of the bandscreen structure the ICEAS tanks can be seem in the background

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